Using Firebird DB in WebStorm


I am trying to set up the DB Browser to point to a Firebird database. I have downloaded the Java libs for Firebird. I can't figure out how to register the new driver though as the Type drop down in the connection dialog is only listing Oracle, MySQL, pg, and sqllite. I tried leaving it blank but attempting to connect complains that it is blank.

Any ideas?


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Hi, a moment ago i was able to connect PHPStorm with my firebird database, the summary of this quest is:

1. In database and source create a new driver definition

2. Into the JDBC Drivers secction go to additional and add a new driver. You have to use the Jaybird driver, you can download it from here:

You are going to download a zip, unzip the file, the important component is the file with the name: "jaybird-full-**" where ** is the version of the driver you've downloaded in my case the file was: jaybird-full-3.0.2.jar

3. Set the Class to use: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver

The configuration should look like this:

4.- Add a new data source for the database, use the new driver definition you just create

5.- set the use and the password of your database server and specify the URL. In my case i use the following: jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3050:/build/firebird/Ejemplos.fdb

Notice that i am working with linux so the route of my database is with slashes if you use windows you will have to scape the back slashes with something like: jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3051:\c:\\my\folder\to\DB\Ejemplos.fdb

I hope this helps.

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@Icalderon Thank you that was very helpful 

PS: i used Firebird DB in DataGrip which is basically the same steps as above

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Worked for me with string  "jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost:C:\projects\lunatic\database\banco.FDB" on Windows OS.


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