Build Project producing no output


All get is this message: 

"6:24 PM All files are up-to-date"

Same message no matter how times a I build it.

There are 6 Java files in the directory.  I purposely change one to cause a compiler error and still all get is the above message.

Project modules as the output paths set, the project settings are set to JDK 1.8



If I type "javac my" from the command line where the Java code is generates output along with errors


Check the build.log for errors (enable debug logging), see for details.

Are you sure the files are not excluded from the compiler?

If the issue remains, please provide a sample project illustrating the problem and the exact steps to reproduce.


I figure out what was wrong.


Hi, could you mention here what was wrong and how you solved it.? I am facing something similar with no solution in sight all day.


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