The git branch bane doesn't appear on the bottom-right corner




For some reason my Idea doesn't display the current git branch in the bottom-right corner - 

Can you help me make it appear again?

Thanks in advance,


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Enabling the Status Bar via the View menu fixes the problem.

Do you have Git enabled for the project in the Version Control settings?


I do.

All the git actions work properly. only the branch banner doesn't appear.


It looks like a bug(?) in the bottom banner. Other displays are broken aswell - 


Please report a bug at with idea.log ( and the screenshot of the problem attached. Thank you.


I also faced this issue for 3-4 days in Intellij IDEA community version 2020.1.1 then I found a option in View -> Appearance -> Status Bar Widgets -> Git Branch. This did the fix.


I had similar experience which was due to a wrong proxy password. It would be nice to get some message telling about wrong proxy password.


I had similar issue. I had checked View -> Appearance -> Status Bar Widgets -> Git Branch and I still could not see branch name in the bottom right corner.

For me checking the View -> Appearance -> Status Bar option fix the problem.


Jan Przybysz thanks, amazing that basically the only way to know what branch you're on is a) off by default, and b) hidden below 4 menu levels.

Thanks for discovering it!




Thanks for the answers guys, worked for me as well.


Thanks a lot guys, Its Working. Thank you.


It might sound obvious, but might be not, on the bottom bar there are two panels, and in some cases you might not realize that, and having a window moved a little bit off the screen might hide this panel, as a consequence it looks like as if the here mentioned suggestions didn't work, or in a combination of these issues.


I finally fixed this by editing the .idea/workspace.xml file and remove the complete `<component name="Git.Settings"/>` entry.


For me works only to completely delete the folder .idea from project root.


Tried everything here - wasn't working.  Not sure why, but I dug into the 'Preferences' and went down to the 'Version Control' option and I noticed there were no entries listed.  So, I clicked the '+' Sign and added the project directory and voila!  It appeared.   The View menu won't have any entry for Git unless this is done.  


It seems like it happened to me after I removed .idea folder at repo cleanup on my disk.

Follow @bbqchickenrobot advice from above, it should help 

 View --> Appearance --> Status Bar [and click to enable/disable]

In my case the problem was that the Git plugin somehow got disabled after my computer's update. After enabling it, everything works fine.


Fantomx1 Hahaha! Thank you so much! You spared me from wasting so much time trying to figure what was wrong before I realize my IDE window was a slightly off the screen! :D :D


In my case, Rider 2021.3 changed the default Toolbar layout and only the Toolbar Classic keeps the git branch information in the bottom right corner.

View | Appearance -- Toolbar/Toolbar Classic/Navigation


I've just updated to Build #IC-213.6461.79, built on December 28, 2021 as well

the Git branch is missing in the status bar.

None of the above fixes works though.


Which GIT Plugin are you all using to get the branch to appear?

There are 100s






Do you have Git repository initialized in your project? 

Git plugin should be bundled:


Konstantin Annikov

Yes, I have a git repo mapped, but the branch still does not appear in the status bar.


What does `git status` command show if you run it in the directory specified on your screenshot?


git is fine

I've been committing/pushing in that directory since 8AM today

"Your branch is up to date with 'origin"



FYI, The same thing happened with PyCharm with the latest update.

The git status bar is gone. Both IDE's were updated in the same day.

The previous versions of both IDEs-worked fine. That is, the git status bar was visible in the lower right corner


Please file a bug at with the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


Serge Baranov No need to file a bug report.

I noticed a small popup in the upper right corner, one that I've never seen before.  "Trust Project"

Once I agreed, the IDE display shifted slightly, now the branch name shows in the bottom right (for both Intellij and Pycharm)

Very strange.



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