Copy-paste in scala does not work on Windows 10


With a fresh newly installed IntelliJ using the latest scala plug-in, when I edit my scala file, I find myself in the uncomfortable situation when copy-pasting does not work.

What I mean is that if I select a normal scala expression (Stream, println....), CTRL+C followed by CTRL+V at another places pastes correctly the content (with CTRL+X it even cuts it before).

But if I select an expression refering to external API calls, CTRL+C followed by CTRL+V pastes the previous clipboard location, indicating that it did not copy. Even CTRL+X does not work in this case.

Now if I select the same expression referring to the external API call, but I select it by omitting one or many chars in front of it, copy-pasting works normally.

Maybe the Scala plugin wants to do something clever when copying, but here it should at least tell that it cannot copy or even fall back on the default plain behavior of copy-pasting.

Anyone having this problem?

Best regards


Official comment

If you use a release build of IDEA, please run IDEA with `idea.fatal.error.notification=enabled` in `` and then try to replicate the steps. If there's an exception thrown, please submit it, as usual (additionally, you may post it right here or to our tracker).

is there an exception happening when you press ctrl+c or ctrl+v? (check the small icon in the lower right)


Thank you for getting back in touch.

Since I installed the 2017 version (I had the 2016 version installed at the time of writing this post), I cannot reproduce this error. 

I have other errors though but I will report them somewhere else. You may close the thread.


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