Using which Linux distro I can get the best IDEA/Rubymine experience?


Currently I'm using Ubuntu linux, but I've faced mutiple issues with hotkeys in Rubymine. There are some workarounds:
but I'm wondering is there a distro which works well with IDEA out of the box? Which distro Jetbrains uses for development and testing IDEA products itself? 


It would also depend on desktop environment and window manager, so it's hard to recommend a configuration that would 100% work out of the box.

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Solus, Antergos, Manjaro distributions support installation from packages Jetbrains & Jetbrains-Toolbox.

Ubuntu-based also support the installation of jetbrains products (apt install -y ubuntu-make) to "/opt/"

  • umake kotlin
  • umake ide {pycharm,rubymine,pycharm-educational,webstorm,phpstorm,datagrip,idea-ultimate,pycharm-professional,clion,idea} [--eap]

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