Keep getting popups from windows firewall asking if I want to let IntelliJ IDEA and JDK 1.8 get though


Have never seen this using Eclipse or Spring Tool Suite.  Anyone know what is happening?  Thanks.


It's for localhost communication between IDE process and compiler process. Safe to allow for local connections.

IDE also binds a localhost server socket for exclusive folders lock and there is a web server for local testing and IPC that binds on localhost.

It's normal for the windows firewall to alert about it. Nothing to worry about.


I have XAMPP running on localhost port 80. Do I need to worry about any clashing?  Thanks.


No, IDE is not using any standard ports.


I am using the JetBrains Toolbox and have activated the pre-release versions for several products. This means that I get updates about daily, and each time a new IDE has been installed, I need to click Cancel in these dialogs (which, by the way, is one of the very few instances where Cancel actually changes the system configuration). This gets annoying. Therefore it would be cool to have some instructions on this very page on how to avoid these questions from popping up at all.


See also, which has no answers, only a few comments leading into the wrong direction.


This firewall dialog appears for any application that is trying to bind (open a port), even on localhost. It's the default behavior of the windows firewall.


we dont have any admin privs on the machines. so local/external connection does not matter, there is no ability to change/grant such things. 


now everytime I run UT , it pops up and super annoying . IJ 2018.2( 182.5262.2),  just reverted to older version , after 2019 broke backward compatibility with gradle/multi-module.


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