Scala plugin stopped updating itself from Nightlies

There are nightly builds published here:

The last version published there is at the moment: 2017.1.335

I have version 2017.1.327 installed (manually) and when I try to update it, I get "your IDE and plugins are up to date".

I do have Nightly update channel selected. It stopped working some time ago, only for the Scala plugin, probably a week or more ago. I hoped manually updating to a more recent version would fix it, but today I notice it didn't. Other plugins auto-update just fine.

Maybe the repository URI has changed? What is the current one? I have this one:



same problem here. i'd always like to have the newest bugs/features in my ide. how to fix it?


jetbrains devs! help us! we want to always experience the newest bugs and features

Permanently deleted user

Please check again, it should work now.


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