Trigger applyEditorTo() on SettingsEditor without changing any user-actionable form field

Our deployment run configuration stores most data in the deployment configuration, and a little bit in a facet.

We're linking a button to the facet editor, so a user can easily edit facet data from the deployment run config UI. When the facet editor dialog is closed, we would like to trigger call to applyEditorTo() (or getSnapshot() ?), to re-validate the configuration.

Since the button handler is called from another thread, fireEditorStateChanged() contains 0 listeners, so nothing happens.

What we're doing is to create an invisible checkbox so that, when the dialog box is closed, we simulate a user click, which triggers a call to applyEditorTo and, consequently, re-validates the configuration (such that, if there is an error with the updated facet data, the user is warned for it through a ConfigurationException warning).

Is there a more elegant fix for this issue? Thanks!


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