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Im running webstorm 2016.3.3, and I am in the process of freeing up some disk space on my ssd.  According to the windows 10 control panel I have webstorm versions 11.0.2, 2016.1, and 2016.2 ,  each of which use close to .5G (see attached image).  I dont see an entry for 2016.3, but 2016.2 shows an install date of 2/11/2017, which is about the date of the 2016.3.3 update.

Can I remove any of these?


(I have a small image of this, but I dont see how to attach it)

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Hi there,

I see no screenshots anywhere.

To insert screenshot just use "image" icon on the toolbar where you are typing your message (2nd icon from the right).

If still cannot insert image into the post -- just share it elsewhere (postimage.io or alike .. or share via Dropbox/Google Drive or alike).


But generally speaking -- yes, you may remove old versions if you have no plans of using them again (I see no reasons).

Each version stores its config/caches in C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebStormXXX folder (details)-- you can remove them for old versions as well. If not sure -- make backup before deleting such folder first and then check if your IDE has launched with settings still in place.


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