Run reloads running app instead of creating new?

I did this once upon a time, I swear.

RubyMine 2016.3, OSX 10.12.3

Sinatra app.  I frequently run rackup from the Run Configurations using the cmd-R shortcut key, and I recall, in years past, there was an IDE option to make that command restart the running app instead of running a new one that fails because the old one was already running.  


Can anyone remind me where that checkbox is?  


Hello Andrew,

could you please check what shortcut is assigned for rerunning by going to Preferences | Keymap (in the default keymap it's indeed cmd-R)


Indeed it is- and that works from the run console.  However, it doesn't work from anywhere else in the ide.  For instance, if I hit cmd-R from the editor window, it loads the search/replace toolbar.  If I am in the editor window, ctrl-R will attempt to run a new instance of the selected run configuration, it was that action I was hoping to remap to rerun the current running instance.  


In case you want to invoke Rerun from the Editor then you need to assign another shortcut to Replace action.


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