CTRL+N on Linux prompts file name instead of file type

I recently starting using PHPStorm on Fedora Linux.

On OSX, CTRL+N opened a dialog as if you right clicked and highlighted `New`. I could them start typing the type of file and press enter, which led to the prompt for the file/class/directory name.


On Linux, CTRL+N takes me directly to a prompt for a new file name.

Is there a way to enable the OSX behavior described above on linux? I really like to type CTRL+N, then start typing 'dir', 'class' etc.. so I don't have to use the mouse with the right click context menu.

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Hi there,

Please post a screenshot of that window please.

It's possible that you are using completely different action (different keymaps can have different shortcuts)

If anything -- "File | New..." that's the action -- you may check what shortcut it has and change it if needed at "Settings/Preferences | Keymap"


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