Change background color of errors in terminal


I am using PhpStorm 2016.3.3 (on iOS Sierra) and am really struggling to read error messages in the built in terminal. I have tried fixing this by changing the theme and updating the options under Preferences>Editor>Colors & Fonts->Console Colors but this does not solve anything. Also, none of the options seem to apply to the formatting of the block. I have attached two screenshots:

  1. Screenshot of my terminal output.
  2. Screenshot of PhpStorm's terminal output with the settings open.

Any idea how I can set PpStorm up so that I can actually read the message?


Sorry, my first screenshot wasn't uploaded for some reason.


Does this happen with any error message? What, for example, if you run the following code:

class A{
public function ff()

class B extends A {
public function ff($a) {}

Is the error message highlighted in the same way?


Hi Eugene, 

thank you for your answer. I am not quite sure what you are referring to. In my case, I am talking about console errors in PhpStorm's terminal.


Sorry, I was testing this wrong - simple PHP output (like exceptions) is not highlighted at all.
The issue you're describing is a bug:

Please vote and follow.


Are you using oh-my-zsh?
I changed the color of ANSI Colors' Gray and Red Foreground and it was reflected.



it isn't readily apparent that console.Red and console.Grey are both being used especially if you're using a predefined colorscheme. Although, after all other possible changes it is the simplest combination and explanation.

Thanks for your assistance Miura


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