Different language with the same file extension

Our XML configurations have same file extension: ".xml" but quite different contents. They are located under different sub folder.

Currently all my stuffs are registered with language="XML" in plugin.xml, it works but I always need to check the file path first to distinguish the configuration type. I also have to override the default XML behavior by adding the order attribute everywhere in plugin.xml

So I'm thinking if I should create my own languages for each XML configuration type? Is that the best practice for such use case?

The next question is how can I distinguish them in FileTypeFactory? The FileTypeConsumer only check the file extension which is the same here, I need to check their parent folder name to distinguish them.




I also ran into the same issue, would be very interested in any possible solution or workaround.



I guess there should be a solution, think about the Android configuration, they are also all XMLs. I'm going to check the Android Studio source code later, maybe I can find any clue there.


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