No Documentation for AppKit, UIKit or Foundation at all


I just started the evaluation of AppCode as an alternative to Xcode. But I believe my evaluation will end very quickly because I can't see any documentation of any types from AppKit or Foundation, etc.

Pressing F1 on a type like NSArray gets me the following:

Pressing F1 is the first joke, because on an Apple Keyboard you always have to press fn+F1 to get the Information. In Xcode I just Option+Click on the Type to get a QuickInfo. This is much more comfortable.

The second joke is the information itself. It's useless! Without the ability of navigating the Documentation quickly, for me the IDE is not useable at all.

I'm using Xcode on a two monitor configuration. On the second monitor I always have the Documentation Browser, Simulator, etc. So if I choose "Reference"on the QuickInfo I get immediately to the right place within the DocumentationBrowser without any hassle.

I'm using Xcode 8.2.1 and I have Xcode 8.3 beta 4 installed also.

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The issue with documentation is a known one: OC-13906. It's in our short-list and we're planning to fix it in next AppCode release (2017.2). Please vote & watch it for progress.

As for shortcuts, we have an "Xcode" keymap which resembles Xcode shortcuts. In particular, for quick documentation that's Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+/ (the same combination works in Xcode). But you can also remap shortcuts as you wish. Hope that helps.

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