IntelliJ 2017.1 EAP slowdowns


I'm having serious hiccups with intellij lately. Whatever I try to type it takes really long time, sometimes I can finish whole line of code and only after it appears.  I'm also experiencing slowdown of menus as well. I'm working in Kotlin 1.1 project with newest Kotlin plugin (also before upgrade I had the same problem).

I tried already:

  1. invalidate cache / restart,
  2. maximize JVM memory
  3. reinstall
  4. open the project in another version (2016.3. Community edition)
  5. reimport all code from gradle

Every time I load the project it's just too slow and mostly unusable. The only thing that helped me was turning on the "Power save mode" but that's not normal mode of work. Other developers are on MACs and they are not experiencing this problems, I'm on WIN 10 with 16gb / i7 7700k and SSD.

I'm also attaching CPU snapshot if it's helpful. In the snapshot i wrote two new functions and have slowdowns. 

Thanks upfront for any help.




What actions did you perform when this snapshot was recorded? What exactly was slow during the recording? Can you try to perform more actions than just writing 2 functions and provide a new snapshot?

Does it happen with any project or is it specific to Kotlin?


I only tried to type in the first one and it was really just

fun test() {}

fun test1() {}

inside of one class. And typing was slow with delays. It really does not matter in which class I am or what I try to type. 

I'm now also attaching second CPU snapshot which is also just typing and getting some code completions. Again typing and code completion is slow. 

I did try to open up new project and there it worked fast.


Does it help if you close TODO tool window? Do you have a lot of items there?


I'm not sure what close means, I tried to minimize it (well 99% of the time I don't use it at all) but there is no difference. Currently it's displaying ~120 items.


Thanks for the information.

Please follow for updates.


I see something similar in a smallish nodejs project - I can type and several seconds later characters will then appear. The same is true when scrolling through source with the trackpad - it sort of stutters a bit and then catches up (annoyingly so). I also see slowness when doing code completion - lots of little things that all add up to a bad experience.

I was wondering if if was just me, or something just for node projects (I haven't done much node programming in Idea before, so couldn't compare like with like). So its interesting to see something similar here.



Can't tell without a CPU snapshot. You can also try the EAP version:


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