Global search: List each file only once

I often do global search when working on code that someone else wrote to find in which files things are.

For this purpose, I don't care if the string occurs once or 100 times in a file, I just want the file names. 

However, PHPStorm shows max 100 results and if 1 file has the string 100 times, this same file will take up 100 lines in the search results, blocking out other files from showing.

This is not very useful. I couldn't find an option such as "list each file only once". 


Does this option exist?

I could do a recursive grep on the terminal for the same purpose, but I would really like if this was part of PHPStorm. 


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Hi there,

Yes and No.

No -- there is no such dedicated option.

But yes -- you can collapse all results and then expand so you will see only list of files

  • You can merge usage from the same line so it will be reported as one line (and not as multiple lines) -- (multiple lines with arrow down to single line icon)
  • You can disable grouping by Directory (folder in brackets kind of icon) -- so it will be a flat file list
  • You can disable grouping by Usage Type (blue funnel icon) -- so all results will be in single branch


In the end you can have something like this:


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