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I am fairly new to Python and PyCharm and i am currently learning about turtle, but i am not able to use it in Pycharm. I have tried 'import turtle' and then written some code after but all i am getting back is an error message. I i go to IDLE and run the code in that it works but i would much prefer to use PyCharm. If anyone could help me out i would really appreciate it!



This is the error message i am getting

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Users/Jeff/PycharmProjects/untitled1/new", line 1, in <module>
    import turtle
  File "C:\Users\Jeff\PycharmProjects\untitled1\", line 2, in <module>
    t = turtle.Pen()
AttributeError: module 'turtle' has no attribute 'Pen'


Duplicates support request in Zendesk.


Not sure what Zendesk is, but I'm having the same problem.  I'm paying for this product and IDLE Python is free.  I can use turtle from IDLE Python with no problem at all.  The import statement doesn't fail, but I am unable to use any of the turtle methods without error.  Uses the same interpreter as IDLE Python, so what's the deal?


Could you please attach a screenshot with this error in PyCharm? Please, also show your project tree on this screenshot (a left pane with your project files).


Odd, with all the reference errors, I was still able to successfully run the script.  I still would like to have the code completion and get rid of the reference errors; I imagine they are directly related.


The problem is in \Lib\

Magic variable __all__ is defined as follows:

__all__ = (_tg_classes + _tg_screen_functions + _tg_turtle_functions +
_tg_utilities + ['Terminator']) # + _math_functions)

And PyCharm does not execute this code while scanning packages. So PyCharm can not define which functions can be used in module-level.

So you can change

# __all__ = (_tg_classes + _tg_screen_functions + _tg_turtle_functions +
# _tg_utilities + ['Terminator']) # + _math_functions)
__all__ = ['ScrolledCanvas', 'TurtleScreen', 'Screen', 'RawTurtle', 'Turtle', 'RawPen', 'Pen', 'Shape', 'Vec2D', 'back',
'backward', 'begin_fill', 'begin_poly', 'bk', 'addshape', 'bgcolor', 'bgpic', 'bye', 'clearscreen',
'colormode', 'delay', 'exitonclick', 'getcanvas', 'getshapes', 'listen', 'mainloop', 'mode', 'numinput',
'onkey', 'onkeypress', 'onkeyrelease', 'onscreenclick', 'ontimer', 'register_shape', 'resetscreen',
'screensize', 'setup', 'Terminator', 'setworldcoordinates', 'textinput', 'title', 'tracer', 'turtles',
'update', 'window_height', 'window_width', 'write_docstringdict', 'done', 'circle', 'clear', 'clearstamp',
'clearstamps', 'clone', 'color', 'degrees', 'distance', 'dot', 'down', 'end_fill', 'end_poly', 'fd',
'fillcolor', 'filling', 'forward', 'get_poly', 'getpen', 'getscreen', 'get_shapepoly', 'getturtle', 'goto',
'heading', 'hideturtle', 'home', 'ht', 'isdown', 'isvisible', 'left', 'lt', 'onclick', 'ondrag', 'onrelease',
'pd', 'pen', 'pencolor', 'pendown', 'pensize', 'penup', 'pos', 'position', 'pu', 'radians', 'right', 'reset',
'resizemode', 'rt', 'seth', 'setheading', 'setpos', 'setposition', 'settiltangle', 'setundobuffer', 'setx',
'sety', 'shape', 'shapesize', 'shapetransform', 'shearfactor', 'showturtle', 'speed', 'st', 'stamp', 'tilt',
'tiltangle', 'towards', 'turtlesize', 'undo', 'undobufferentries', 'up', 'width', 'write', 'xcor', 'ycor']

Also you can use Turtle class:

T = turtle.Turtle()



you can watch this youtube video hope it helps. 


Pycharm turtle problem solution

The problem is in your file name yes ! In your file name
1st rename the file other than the
For ex than run the then it will definitely works fine in pycharm .

don't use the run button as it will run the previous file


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