How to select a surefire execution?




I have several projects where multiple surefire executions are setup. Reasons can be as different as:

1. grouping by a particular system property set

2. different "container" lifecycle (embedded vs remote container for instance)

3. specific fork config for tests not supporting reuseForks

5. different usage of  resources (some ftp server, some irc server, ...)

6. ...


This setup is a bit fancy and uses JUnit categories (surefire groups/excludedGroups). and includes/excludes.


Idea is unfortunately unable to extract from the pom the right execution (even if it has all the info to do it, I guess it just reads the default one).


Question is: how to inherit in Idea JUnit launcher configuration from a particular configuration without copying/pasting the whole config which can be quite important depending the environment?


Is it a planned supported feature?



There is a Default configuration for JUnit, all the new configurations will inherit its settings (per project).

For the rest please submit a detailed request(s) at


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