How to listen/override GotoImplementationHandler ? is it possible ?

Hi, there

I'm new to plugin development and meet this problem :

I want to take down the location when user use [ctrl + left click] or {ctrl + b} to navigate to method implementation. So I guess I should register my own GotoImplementationHandler. But I don't find other examples or usages so I post it here.

Hope u help me and thanks a lot!


There seems to be no terribly easy way to do this. Which purpose are you trying to achieve with such a listener?


Thank u for your response.

My purpose is very simple: I just wanna to log the trace when I view open source codes.

They always have lots of wrappers and checks before finally execute the goal, so I want to record my view trace

That means I should listen to the [ctrl + click] event.

So do u have some other ideas ?



Do you want this trace to be written somewhere and persisted? If you just want to go back, there are Navigate | Back/Forward actions, have you considered them?


OMG, sorry to bother u.......

IntelliJ really has intelligence




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