phpStorm ereased my KeePass DB - retreive possible?

I just installed and setup phpStorm and found that it could save username/password in KeePass DB. Nice, so I pointed it to my existing KeePass db and gave it my master password.

After a while when I was going to check an entry in KeePass2, there is nothing, it is completly empty! phpStorm had erased my entire KeePassDB, without any warning what so ever. Thank you very much! Not a good way to start with a new program.

Is there a chance to restore my correct DB or is it really lost forever? Does phpStorm do a backup somewhere? Or did it simply chewed up the DB and spat out an empty one without possibility of retrieving the old one?

Extremly unhappy first time phpStorm user.

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It seems I found the answer myself:

Thanks alot JetBrain for not fixing this asap or at least put in a warning when configuring KeePass setting. PHPStorm is now going out with the trash... Bye, bye...


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