Is it possible to run a terminal command as run configuration?

I have a simple Web App and I am currently running it via the built in WebStorm terminal. The command in particular is `live-server` its an npm package that reloads my webpage, whenever I change a file. Now what I want to do is, instead of manually running the command via the terminal, I would like to run it as a run configuration. However I do not see how I can configure a terminal command. Is this even possible?

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As of August 2021, the "Shell Script" run configuration now has a new "Execute" toggle to select "Script file" or "Script text."

That "Script text" will allow you to type in your command as you would in the terminal.

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Hi there,

If you can run it as Gulp/Grunt task or NPM script .. then you can create Run Configuration or corresponding type .. or just run through Gulp/Grunt/NPM panel directly.

For example:

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NPM scripts can be run via NPM run configuration (as @Andriy mentioned) - see

I can also suggest trying the Bash Support plugin ( - it has a kind of 'generic' run configuration that can be used for running arbitrary executable. See if it works for you. But note that it's a third-party plugin JetBrains is not responsible for

Another option is using the External Tools - see and related Help topics


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