Using Ij with monorepo?


We have a monorepo project structure where the entire repo (no, it's not that big) consists of many Java and non-Java components:

monorepo (M)
|---- (no build.gradle/pom.xml here)
|-----|top-level-Java-project (J)
-----| build.gradle
-----| module1 (gradle submodule)
-----| module2 (gradle submodule)
-----| ...
| ...

When I open the main Java project (J), things work correctly, all references are resolved, I can work normally. But sometimes I do need to update the source code that is directly in M, but not in J. Opening M in Ij gives me several problems, mainly because it is not a Java/Ij project.

Are people running into something like this? What are your recommendations?


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Set up a new module with the content/source roots that you need to edit.


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