WebStorm 2017.1 Hanging

 I just upgraded to Web Storm 2017.1 and all of a sudden everything hangs when trying to type code or navigate the application. You type and it hangs for 30 seconds or so, then comes to life again. 

Please advise!


No idea. there should be no difference. You can start in both ways and them compare idea.log files to see if there is any difference in cmd options/JDK being used


After about a week of keeping Webstorm open (from the same console start), I notice Webstorm is acting just as bad as it was before, with frequent hanging. I'll open it normally (from a shortcut, not from the console) and see if its worse or the same this time around. 

It doesn't look like there are any major differences in the logs:


When I opened (then closed) from the shortcut, there were a lot more logs for some exception:

PersistentEnumeratorBase$CorruptedException: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted 

But with subsequent openings I didn't see that again. If this problem actually just manifests after being open for a while, it probably means it has memory leaks.


Please respond, I'm very tired of Webstorm constantly halting my productivity. 


Exception indicates cache storage corruption; the usual way to get rid of this issue is caches invalidation (File | Invalidate caches, Invalidate and restart). Or, you can manually remove C:\Users\fresheneesz\.WebStorm2017.1\system\ folder.


>probably means it has memory leaks.

May be. We need CPU and memory snapshots taken when it starts running slow to see what's wrong - see https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241235-Reporting-performance-problems for instructions


I am currently evaluating WebStorm for a 5 member development team and this lagging is not helping my case. I do see that that product makes Web development a breeze but the fact that there is significant lag is making us lean a bit towards Visual Studio Code. From the comment responses above, as a (prospective) PAID user, we should not be asked to troubleshoot a product issue as evident as this. Elena, No offense but YOUR team should be taking care of troubleshooting and fixing lag issues on Mac. No, I am not gonna waste my valuable time taking snapshots or thread dumps. 

As a developer, it is easy to reproduce these lag issues. I see it everyday. I do a restart and it becomes normal until it starts again. To reproduce , You just have to download WebStorm on Mac having the latest OSX, open and work on an Angular project.  Hope your talented team is able to resolve this issue sooner than later. 




+1 I agree with Nishanth 

Elena, if I may add:
It'd be acceptable to ask for volunteers if this was an open source project. However it's not - thus paying users don't expect to actively engage in qa-related tasks e.g. open bugs, create snapshots, upload logs. That's a job they expect would be done internally by the qa team. Or at least, if you want people to do that - be fair and provide them with free-of-charge licenses. 

As for paying users: It seems reasonable to present them with an "automatically collect logs and report issues" option then can enable. Many applications do that nowadays, and so perhaps it's a direction worth taking.

Anyhow, the current bug-reporting method on Webstorm seems to be frustrating quite a few users. It creates significant pushback, and there's no indication that Intellij staff is considering it an issue. People would like to understand if you see that problem, and what actions are you taking to address it (?)


performance issues can be caused by hundred of different reasons - WebStorm issues, hardware failures, JRE bugs, problems with third-party plugins, configuration problems, etc + combinations of all these factors. It is not possible to catch them all during testing (and, belive me - we do test the software, both manually and automatically). the ONLY way to track down the issue is analysing the logs and snapshots. Logs and thread dumps are generated automatically - and, I believe, it's not a big issue to provide the log folder when asked to do so - is it? as for CPU snapshots that are always necessary to anaylise the performance issue, they can't be taken automatically (or, technically they can, of course - but it would slow down the overall performance dramatically)

we do not ask you to test the app - just report the details regarding the issue you are experiencing. If you refuse to do this, there is a very low chance that your particular issue will ever be addresed


I'm surprised that some people here (I assume professional developers) find this troubleshooting process inappropriate.  I've been working in the industry for more than 20 years.  Asking customers to enable more logging or any other diagnostic mechanisms is pretty standard procedure.  It is simply unreasonable to expect a software vendor to just go back in their lab and try to reproduce and fix such bugs. And it seems some people don't quite see the difference between being asked to collect info and actually doing the troubleshooting. However, I can agree that Jetbrains could make the process more streamlined.

Personally, I have so far experienced good support from JetBrains.  So keep up the good work.

That said, here are some steps to reproduce a performance problem I'm experiencing, which could be related to what's been reported on this thread:

1. Download a JS file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8prf3nn6ivx8i0/scratch_1.js?dl=0

2. Open with Webstorm 2017.2 on Mac

3. Start adding code, performing undos, redos.

You should see CPU spikes considerably and quite abnormally.  I have never observed this on version 2016.3 with the exact same JS file.


Tried it - the performance when editing the file is more or less the same as in 2016.3... Cpu spikes appear in both versions when I perform some refactorings, for example. Plus (unlike 2016.3), 2017.2 doesn't report syntax errors on this file (2016.3 fails to parse some ternary expressions there, and resultant syntax tree appears broken)... I'd say that editing big files has always been a problem:( I can suggest setting highlighting level to 'Syntax' for such files to disable on-the-fly inspections for them



Snapshots would still be appreciated...


I just installed 2016.3.6 and 2017.2, but on a Windows PC this time.  Loaded that JS file and saw that both versions exhibit similar CPU fluctuations pattern.  (Maybe this disappears due to caching or what not that "sets in" over time, compared to a fresh install.) Not sure why I never noticed that on 2016.3 before this. Sorry for the trouble and false alarm.


Ok I made a CPU usage profile. I started it *after* webstorm hung for 10-15 seconds (turning white and showing "not responding"), then after it hung again for 10 seconds (this time just unresponsive, but *not* showing "not responding") I stopped the CPU usage profile. This happened within the span of 60 seconds. Here's the profile:



@Fresheneesz, thank you! Please follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-27488 for updates


If I enable Power Save Mode, I no longer experience the issue, but of course, Power Save Mode also disables background tasks and code inspections.

Based on this result, I would be led to believe there is a) a hidden, inefficient background task the IDE is running, or b) an overly aggressive code inspection or series of code inspections taking priority over the rest of the application. It is inexplicable as to why this issue takes some time to occur, but without any way to log what the IDE is doing, there is no way for the user to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue.

As a long-term solution, this is not a good workaround, but in the meantime, the user can toggle Power Save Mode and just be more selective about when they need background tasks and code inspections.

Note: I experience this issue with all JetBrains IDEs, not only WebStorm.


Yep, same issue as everyone here.


I am running Webstorm 2017.2.3, windows 10 64bit, 16gb ram, core i7-4712HQ @ 2.3ghz.


Basically the issue is very random, hard to make it appear on demand but it happens every few seconds when I am typing and it will hang for 2-4 seconds and then resume the typing. Let me clarify, in my case hanging means that the program itself is UNRESPONSIVE, it does not respond to any user interface input for 2-4 seconds. It happens every minute maybe every 2-3 minutes, like I said hard to force the issue on demand.


(07 Sep 2017) I updated to PyCharm 2017.2.3 RC2, worked on a project, left the IDE open overnight, and could not reproduce the issue. I haven't tested RTM yet. I don't know if the issue was patched (IDEA-175737) in WebStorm, but if the code base is the same, I expect most of us to be happy.

edit (13 Sep 2017): I spoke too soon. I've experienced recurrences of the issue in the latest versions of PyCharm as well as WebStorm on Windows 10. However, performance is incredibly smooth on OS X.


This thread is the first google result for webstorm freezes and from what I gather, the jet brains teams is just asking us to do their work.  If you look at the auto-suggest from google, typing "web storm f" has 4 results for "web storm free" and then the next non-free permutation is webstorm freezes.  This tells me it is enough of a problem that web storm should do something about it.  I am on a mac and have used webstorm for awhile now (years).  I love the tools that Jetbrains has, but I am really concerned that they don't care anymore or are not taking this seriously.  I have a very busy job and no time to trouble shoot tools I pay for.  In fact I moved to visual studio code and have become more productive.  


I'm still experiencing this issue in the latest EAP versions of all JetBrains IDEs.

The issue is less pronounced, however.


Same problem here. WebStorm 2017.3 keeps freezing, both keyboard and mouse out of function. 


Please try getting thread dumps when it stops responding - https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544899-Getting-a-thread-dump-when-IDE-hangs-and-doesn-t-respond

Note that I'd strongly recommend creating separate threads/support tickets to report such issues - the IDE can hang/run slow for hundreds of different reasons, and it's hardly possible to manage a thread that includes dozens of different reports from different users using different versions. I must say that normally I ignore new comments like 'same problem', 'me too', etc. in such age-old threads


Disabling Synchronize files on frame activation (Settings | Appearance & Behavior| System settings), fixed it for me.  Shame I had to put in a support ticket to find this out.


After I followed the instructions for capturing snapshots, WebStorm (2017.3.4) would no longer launch.  I had to go delete the file vmoptions file in .WebStorm2017.3\config under my user profile directory to get it to start again.



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