Following GIT moves/renames via version control: log


GIT does not track moves or renames on commit but uses heuristic to find matching content. However, if the content differences exceed a given treshold, git log will no longer detect the related commits. Adding --follow and a lower treshold via -Mx% "solves" this. Is there a way to do this via intellij? In my specific case I do not see history for such a file in IntelliJ log, but I do see it when running git log --follow -M40


There is no way to directly change the command-line options issue by IDE. However, there should be no need for this. New file history in 2017.1. should correctly find and follow renames.

What IDE version do you use?


I'm having exact same issue, using latest intellij

I have moved some files from one package to the other, git didnt pick them up (so add silently option seems not to work although its enabled)
so it showed that i removed files from old location and have stuff untracked, however when I add untracked files it does not figure out that they are the same files but moved... 


Is there any news since post was created?


If you mean doing additional commit to improve renames detection, it is implemented for java to kotlin conversion, but not for other operations -


I experienced the same issue using IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2.6. I needed to rename a package name, but using the rename command from IntelliJ it was loosing all the history of some files. I used this workaround to solve the issue, maybe it is not the cleanest but it saved the history of all files:

1. Instead of renaming the package, I created a new one with the new name

2. I manually copy pasted the files from the old package folder to the new one, without changing the package names in the files

3. I committed the changes

4. I manually renamed the package names in the files (basically search - replace)

5. I committed the new changes

I understand it is not a best practice, but in my case it has been very useful, since I had to change the artifact of a whole big project and didn't want to loose any history.


Abbate, please follow the discussion on the duplicate issue:

Thank you.


Having 2021.2.3 Ultimate edition, I still suffer these issues. I have to always put extra care when renaming modules or packages. As for modules, I had to precreate the module with new name manually and then move the stuff there manually. Renaming via refactor dialog looses history.


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