python console not loading on 2017.1


Updated PyCharm, python console seems to completely not load - just a grey box, with no buttons or anything.. Suggestions?


I updated to 2017.1 yesterday and my Python Console is working, but the console in the debugger is failing strangely.  It shows the output I am used to seeing when stopping at a breakpoint, but then does nothing in response to anything I enter at the prompt.  That said, the Debugger tab is showing all of the correct variables and the Evaluate Expression panel is working.  

Maybe these issues are related.

I submitted issue: PY-23398


Hi,Michele Ciccozzi! Could you please provide your log folder from (Help | Show log in Files).


Hi Eric Bergerson! Yes, unfortunately, it's a known problem that debug console doesn't work when debugging tests. We're working on it.


So the error that should to be causing my issue, as per the log file, seems to be an IndexNotReadyException, which is weird because I waited for the indexing processes to complete before doing anything.

I will try again and report back; in the meantime, I'd suggest giving the users a slightly better feedback than a grey rectangle where a familiar interface used to consistently be.


So as a promised follow-up, I looked very carefully today when I updated to the RC2: I noticed that indeed there's absolutely no feedback that the indexing process is not done, but the console still refuses to load during the initial launch. It loads fine if I wait a bit (again, an undefined amount of time) and then relaunch the whole app.


Michele Ciccozzi Could you please create an issue in our issue tracker and provide the contents of your log folder? Thank you!


I'm getting this same issue in 2017.3 when running PyTest selenium scripts. The debug console is unresponsive when it stops at a break point. The bug entry says this is a duplicate of (which is supposed to be fixed). But it doesn't seem to be the same thing. Although I do have the teamcity plugin running, I don't seem a whole bunch of teamcity output as reported and I do have an unresponsive console. 


My project uses

- Pytest

- Virtual environment (python 3.5.3)

- Teamcity plugin

- Pycharm 2017.3



Hi! We still suggest using a workaround for pytest runners from this comment:


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