Problem with symlinks in projects

I have composite project consists from:

- several git submodules and root git repository

- symlinks from submodules to directories inside project (for example: /project/submodules/one/js -> /project/public/js/one)

- project dir located into user home dir which is symlink to mapped drive (external disk via: /Volumes/External)


I have a problem: when I use double shift for class find system shows me 2 classes (original class in submodule and class in symlink directory)

May be some config exist for solving such problems? It's very unusable because I can open 2 tabs with same class and they doesn't sync


I use PHPStorm 2017.1 EAP on macbook pro 13 (MacOs Sierra 10.12.4)


Hi there,

ATM IDE does not treat symlinked files/folders as the same content.

Please mark one of such folders as Excluded -- should help.


Added symlinks dir into excluded paths. Looks normally


When project entirely is in the symlinked directory the problem also exists.
For example my work directory is ~/coding, it's not very useful, so I use symlink for hot projects to /project-name


I have this issue as well. Excluding one of the paths doesn't solve, since navigating to the definition of a class/function in that path opens the excluded one. I created an issue on YouTrack for this here:


I have a similar issue related to the bundled Git. In the matter SDK, all the examples have a symbolic link to the root of the project. This was causing the git plugin to detect multiple directories containing .git, all of which mapped to the same project path.

To resolve this, in Settings > Version Control > Directory Mappings I unregistered all the directories and added only the root directory.


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