Problem with symlinks in projects

I have composite project consists from:

- several git submodules and root git repository

- symlinks from submodules to directories inside project (for example: /project/submodules/one/js -> /project/public/js/one)

- project dir located into user home dir which is symlink to mapped drive (external disk via: /Volumes/External)


I have a problem: when I use double shift for class find system shows me 2 classes (original class in submodule and class in symlink directory)

May be some config exist for solving such problems? It's very unusable because I can open 2 tabs with same class and they doesn't sync


I use PHPStorm 2017.1 EAP on macbook pro 13 (MacOs Sierra 10.12.4)


Hi there,

ATM IDE does not treat symlinked files/folders as the same content.

Please mark one of such folders as Excluded -- should help.


Added symlinks dir into excluded paths. Looks normally


When project entirely is in the symlinked directory the problem also exists.
For example my work directory is ~/coding, it's not very useful, so I use symlink for hot projects to /project-name


I have this issue as well. Excluding one of the paths doesn't solve, since navigating to the definition of a class/function in that path opens the excluded one. I created an issue on YouTrack for this here:


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