Blacklist parameter name hints for specific file

I have a project which contains one big php legacy file. File has 22K+ lines of code (please don't ask more).

The problem is that when function parameters name hinting is switched on, PHPStorm is unusable when this file is opened. I like the feature, it helps a lot in big projects but I'm forced to turn it off.

Would be nice to have a option to disable this for selected filenames. 

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Hi there,

From what I know the exclusion can only be done for method/functions names and not files.

If you need such stuff -- please file a Feature Request ticket in Issue Tracker where you can describe your case in details (e.g. maybe even provide that file or even CPU Snapshot (see Reporting performance problems – IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs Support ) -- devs will decide how to deal with that there -- if they can improve performance or if they can add such exclusion functionality).

But yes -- 22K+ lines is a lot for PhpStorm -- it's not really made to work with such big files (follow and perhaps tickets)

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I'll create a ticket ;).

"But yes -- 22K+ lines is a lot for PhpStorm". I know, sadly have to deal with it.



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