Adding tflearn to pycharm

While at the following Anaconda prompt on a windows machine,


I then executed the following commands.

----- -----
1. conda create -n siraj-tflearn python=3.5
2. activate siraj-tflearn
3. conda install numpy pandas jupyter notebook matplotlib
4. conda install scipy h5py
5. pip install TFLearn

----- -----

The installation of the above commands succeeded.

Pycharm still did not recognize these import statements within my file file
----- -----
from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import

import tflearn
from tflearn.data_utils import to_categorical, pad_sequences
from tflearn.datasets import imdb
----- -----

I located the tflearn packages at the following location


TJH: There should be a way to add the tflearn packages to the environment.

Question 1: How would you go about adding the "tflearn package" to the existing
PyCharm environment considering that
tflearn resides


at the above location?


Question 2:

Looking at the attached screen shot, what does the "circular red m" represent in the left Project pane ?

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