Scala plugin 2017.1 incredibly slow

After updating to 2017.1 from the previous-latest version, the Scala plugin has become incredibly slow even on small projects and files. Auto-complete takes forever, code stays red long after it's fixed, import suggestions come up after a couple of seconds.

I'm on macOS, java 8 121-b13, community edition, plenty of memory available.

I'm not even sure what to check :)

Anybody has the same?

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There's one more similar report. If possible, please provide CPU snapshots.

I'm having a hard time too - it's very slow to edit files, and cpu usage on the machine is up to 375%.  I submitted, including the full project.




I have a fairly small Slick project with Slick tables classes created using the Slick generator. I keep the generated file out of the project and only bring in the tables I need. When my tables file got to 200-300 lines, Idea started running slower and slower.


Now whenever Idea has to parse that file, say for code completion, my fan kicks on, my CPU's get maxed and I see the wait spinner more than any other cursor.


- CPU usage shoots up.

- Changes take ~15 - 30 seconds to get parsed and reflected

- worsens with time

- autocomplete takes forever


Any news on this? I have 2017.2.5 and it's still very slow..


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