keyboard shortcut for search history dropdown list - removed?


Prior to 2017.1 it was possible to access the search history list with keyboard shortcuts. The combinations were:

To search within the current file: cmd + f, then up/down arrows 

To search in the entire project:  cmd + shift + f then shift (or option?) + up/down arrows

The mentioned combinations above allowed moving the cursor thru the history list, and it was possible to select the searched token and run the search with no mouse interaction.

With the new 2017.1 version, neither combinations has this effect. I've searched keyboard shortcuts for that functionality (under preferences) but couldn't find any.

Were the "search from history" keyboard shortcut removed altogether? 


It does, how awesome! thanks @Serge

if I may, how can I find similar shortcuts myself?
I looked in Preferences -> Kemap for "search" or "history" tokens, didn't find the Ctrl+H combo, which gets me to think I'm looking in the wrong place



There is a popup hint:


Intuitive enough :)

I guess there's no way to customize the key binding for this one?


No, but it may appear in the future updates, there is a plan to unify it since it has different shortcuts in different dialogs.


makes sense. Thanks!


I remember having the keybinding before losing my settings to some settings sync plugin, and can't find it any more, does this shortcut exist or not?


Hi rav eren 

Does the Alt + Down shortcut work?


ha I had seen this keyboard shortcuts entry, but weirdly only the association pointed by arrow actually works, and there are no conflicts with other bindings, I tried cmd+down first, which was my preference and it didn't work either.

Macos, obviously.


Unfortunately, the problem is not reproduced for my work environment. Are you able to use these shortcuts in other programs? Make sure you don't have system-level conflicts.

Try using the latest IDE version from and temporarily disable all third-party plugins.

If the problem remains please provide the IDE logs after restarting and reproducing the problem. (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)

The files can be uploaded at (do not forget to specify the UploadID)


well I could bind them in the first place, so the IDE does indeed receive 'em :) Using latest version, I'll disable the plugins when I have another issue to report.


BTW it's usually the first-party plugins that cause grief and problems (noticed me mentioning a settings loss? ;D) J/K, I've been jetbrains biggest fan since before PHPStorm 1.0 :))


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