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I'd like to know if these are currently possible (although I haven't found a way to do it), or if it's worth opening issues for (as in if they're interesting / appealing enough).


Being able to set different styles for:

* declaration / call of properties and methods (name and external params) - I personally find it quite distracting at the moment
* project / other entities, like in Xcode - not super useful, but would be a nice addition

* default operators / overriden and custom ones - for example, == would have the same color as "normal" Operators

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Hi Roland.

For Swift we have:

OC-14047 (coloring of declarations & calls differently)

- OC-15235 (project/non-project symbols)

OC-15236 (custom operators)



We had a discussion today on OC-15236 (custom operators coloring). Just to make sure I got you right - did you mean that operator functions should be colored the same way as operator declarations? Or did I get a wrong impression? Attaching a screenshot to illustrate what I mean. If that's not the original idea - could you please explain in more details & attach a screenshot as well.


Hey Tatiana,

For custom operators, it should behave like any method (currently both same color, with the other suggestion, declaring and calling can have different colors)

What I mean was that built-in operators should be the same as "Operators". Overriden built-in operarators should behave like custom ones.

1 == 1 -> operator
true && false -> operator
a += 1 -> operator

infix operator += -> method declaration
func += -> method declaration

a += 1 -> method call

infix operator ^* -> method declaration
func ^* -> method declaration

a ^* 1 -> method call

I can see how this preference wouldn't suit everyone, so I guess an option of "always color operators like methods" would be useful, for those who'd like built-in operators colored the same way.

Sorry for the poor formatting, but I'm on my phone right now.


and the cycle will not go in a circle?


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