PHPStorm: Can I depend on


I'm working on a Plugin to improve framework integration for a pretty unknown (compared to the big ones) JS Framework in Web-/PHPStorm. This uses Javas .properties bundles for translations and I want to add some functionality in that area. 

Via some google searches I found that there is a plugin which already does a lot of handling with these files like parsing, indexing etc. But I can't install that plugin directly using the "Plugins" View in PHPStorm. 

When I add this plugin to the plugins.xml and build.gradle, it compiles and runs in PHPStorm just fine. 

Can I depend on that plugin or are there licensing issues because its part of the android IDE and users who own PHPStorm aren't allowed to use it?

And is there a better way to find out which parts of the com.intellij.* eco system one can use for PHPStorm addons?




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