Angular 2/4 wrong inspection: Component is not included in a module.

After doing a clean install on OSX and importing a angular project into webstorm 2017.1. It looks like webstorm cannot find the app module.


It is raising the following errors on all components:


  •  'Angular: Component X is not included in a module and will not be available inside a template' on all app components.
  • 'Angular: The pipe X could not be found'


Is there a way to disable this inspection? Everything else is working fine.

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Looks like the errors come from Angular language service ( You can disable it in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | TypeScript: press 'Configure...' next to 'Use TypeScript Service', in Service Options dialog uncheck 'Use Angular Service'

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Thanks Elena, that worked. Hopefully when this project moves to the angular CLI, angular service can be turned on again.

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On angular cli project and angular service is still giving this error :/


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