PHPStorm 2017, PHP Unit and Laravel



Just a question about the PHPUnit tool integrated into PHPStorm.

When building test in Laravel, I do need to be able to expect Exceptions but for that, I do need the correct reference.

PHPUnit tool seems to filter the test given feedback, and me just with an :


Where I do need to get, what i do when using the terminal manually : 

 Illuminate\Auth\AuthenticationException: Unauthenticated.

To be able to set my test like this :


Do you know how I can solve this? This is quite frustrating. Do you have suggestion how to configure PHPStorm for it to not filter things?



EDIT// I think I found you can just double click the failed test and it sends you to the Exception definition, thus you can get the info from the PHPDoc. I find incredibly usefull to use this nice tool from JetBrains which allows to run test quickly from the test class...

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