Swift: disable comment at first column


For Swift, is there a way to prevent "Comment With Line Comment" and "Comment With Block Comment" putting the comment characters at the first column, and instead have them follow the format of the code?

I have this enabled for Objective-C, but can't find a similar option for Swift. "Code Style / Swift / Wrapping and Braces / Keep When Reformatting / Comment at first column" is not the answer; in fact it has particularly unpleasant effects in combination with first-column comments.

I cannot tell you how much I loathe first-column comments!


Official comment

Hi Adrian.

These options haven't yet been added for Swift: please vote for OC-11717.

OK; voted and commented. 

Even if you can't do configuration yet, couldn't the standard behaviour be modified so that comments follow the code format? Surely there can't be many people who prefer first-column comments.


My belief is that if we decide to spend time implementing this, it would be better to make it "the right way" from the beginning, i.e. with a configurable option.


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