Unwanted Coffeescript Syntax Errors

I'm using CoffeeScript on RubyMine with Webpack modules. RubyMine reports syntax errors for `import` and `export` statements, even though Webpack compiles and runs the code just fine.

Two questions:

1) is there a way to suppress CoffeeScript syntax checking for a single line ?

2) is there a way to make CoffeeScript parser recognize the import/export statements ?

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So I just wasted an hour on this issue with no progress.  In that time i was able to find and implement remedies for my free editors: atom and vim, and found people online who knew about the issue.  Over the years I have paid a lot into RubyMine - and for what?  Does it make sense to pay for products that have broken features, not field-configurable and have support forums worse than the free alternatives ?  Frustrating.  Look I know you all are doing your best, and I do like your editors, but something is not working here.  Maybe it's time to rethink your model - this isn't a premium experience.

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Hello Andy,

sorry for keeping you waiting. We've had a request for supporting import/export syntax (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-23853), and that has been implemented in 2017.1 version. Could you please check how it goes there? 


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