New "Find in Path" window


I absolutely can't stand the new "Find in Path" window in 2017.1. Screenshots to show what I'm talking about:


The old window had the option to hide the preview. I find the preview to be less that useless: the constantly changing results are distracting. They cause me to mistype what I'm after and genuinely get in the way of my finding what I'm looking for. Is there some way to disable this?



Did some more digging and Registry -> uncheck "" disables this feature. I am concerned, though, at how long this workaround will remain viable.


Please also vote for to increase its priority and be notified about updates.

> Is there some way to disable this?

There is no way to disable it, you can only resize the preview pane to completely hide it.


This is the most horrible thing I have come across in any IDE of late.


Edit - actually, I got used to it after a few days, and now enjoy the versatility.

I only hope it can filter same lines, same files, and EXCLUDE certain files in the same window, otherwise it sure is a sight for sore eyes

While ESC does exit the window, sometimes it is too stubborn to obey.


Man, this really gets on my nerve. Jetbrain if you are listening to us, please make it possible for user to disable this feature. Thanks. 


Hi Wcp227! There's a corresponding ticket in our tracker: IDEA-169077. Meanwhile you can switch to old layout by adding:

to Help | Edit Custom VM Options.


I am getting used to the new layout, but slowly.


I am coping OK with the window (new user) but how do I close the darn thing.


Try Hitting Esc


This window is driving me crazy.  I cannot stand having to press ESC to close it.  Please add a close button.


I had to google how to close this thing.


Whomever came up with this UX needs to be fired, a user should not have to google how to close a window.


Totally agree that the UI really is awful.  A Close button would be an obvious solution.


I can live with all the above quirks as I slowly got used to it, but the one thing I dislike the most is the history. What kind of crazy logic is that we would like our history character by character we typed for each word search ??

And with the measly history length, we lose whatever words we had typed just seconds back. Drives me crazy.


Just click "Open in Find Window" on bottom right of popup


Yes, the trick is to use the "Open in Find Window". Why does the pop-up find window disappear when clicked in the first place?  Unbelievably annoying and obviously not user tested.  You really need to question the judgement of whoever is responsible for this truly horrible pop-up find.  Already looking for alternatives between vi and this. 


If only there was a way to close the window without googling "how to close the horrible new find window in IntellliJ"...

Oh wait! How about a red X in the top right corner! - That could catch on!


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