Codestyle, blank line after property declaration and before comments.

Hello, I usually group the methods in my classes with a set of 3 lines with comments, like this:

// Setup //

Question: In PhpStorm, how do I force a blank line between a set of private properties in a class and the first block of comments?

Before applying [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[L] I have it like this:

After pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[L] I get this:

Question: How do I force the blank line to be there? I don't seem to find the option.



Hi there,

What's your "Code Style | PHP | Blank Lines" settings are?

Settings from Default scheme do not remove such line; do not add either. So if you have such empty line there already it should be preserved.


Well... it might be a bug... Look:

If the comment has EXACTLY one line, then, as you say @Andriy, it does NOT add or remove lines.

Instead, if the comment has more than one line, it actually removes the blank line...

To reproduce, I created a blank file with a dummy class, with a property, a comment and a method.

In [1] you can see I leave exactly one blank line before and one after the comment.

I press [CTRL]+[ALT]+[L] and the code gets formatted, but doing nothing (as expected):

In [2] you can see no lines were added or removed. And in [3] you see the formatter expressing he did nothing.

Instead, if I just add another comment line, lilke in the following example, the behaviour is not as expected:

Here in [4] you can see there is exactly one blank line before and after, just as before. The very only difference is that I just have TWO comment lines instead of one.

[CTRL]+[ALT]+[L] and... oops!!! What's up?

In [5] you can see the top blank line line was actually removed by the formatter, and in [6] it cries out loud that 1 line was formatted.


Q1) Why this happens? Feature or bug?

Q2) If it's a bug, what should I do to report it?


Those are my settings:

Happens also in the "tester" area. If I put 1 comment line, it is not "glued" to the property declaration and the blank-line is respected. If I put 2 or more comment lines, then the blank line is deleted. In both cases, the configuration remains exactly the same.


Please reset it to Default (e.g. create new one or whatnot) and try again -- it works just fine here -- those comments do not move (not getting glued to the field above them):

Maybe try with ALL not bundled by default plugins disabled (just in case if some of them interfere somehow).

Also check what idea.log (Help | Show Log in ...) may have to say



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This error still exists for CSS and SCSS: Comment blocks loose their empty line above, when code is reformatted. Please fix or add an option in the CSS code styling options. Thank you!


@Robert Wildling 

Formatter implementation is different for each language. Your issue/expected behaviour has nothing to do with the original thread (PHP).

Please report your issue to WebStorm Issue Tracker (it's home for all JS/CSS/HTML tickets) ... but check for existing tickets...

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@andriy Are you a IDEA developer?


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