Option to disable "redundant character escape" inspection?

Maybe I'm missing something simple, but I'm not seeing where this option is configured.  Are there some inspections that can't be turned off?  I'm using RubyMine 2017.1



do you mean RegExp? Could you please provide a code sample and a screenshot.


Yes, inside a regex, if you put an unneeded escape, the IDE will produce a warning, but I don't see any option to disable this warning in the preferences dialog.

Sample code is simple.  Put the following line into any .rb file:

regex = /\&/

This line triggers a warning and I don't see that there's any setting to disable that category of warnings.


Adding a couple if screenshots.  The first demonstrates the inspector finding 3 weak warnings of 'redundant character escape'  The second shows that the inspection settings do not offer a way to disable this inspection.

Can you please confirm that there is currently no way to disable this inspection and, if that is true, show me where I can add this as a feature request?

Thank you.


There is also inconsistency between the tooltip on the inspection result that appears in the upper right hand part of the editor window and the real inspection report that appears below.  This inspection seems to come out of the General -> annotator inspection, which I have set to error, but the tooltip is only reporting "weak warning"



sorry for the delay. The problem is that in fact that isn't an inspection so it cannot be turned off at the moment. I've created a corresponding request on our tracker, please vote for it:



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