Hover previous git branch on branches dialog



In previous versions where was hovered previous branch in git branches dialog. In PHPStorm 2017.1 middle on the list selected by default.

For example.

I checkout from "master" branch into "production" branch. I need to merge "master" into "production". In previous versions I opened branches dialog (using hotkey) and previous branch ("master) selected. It was easy to merge. Now after refactoring that dialog I have to type branch name manually to merge it


Could you please attach a screenshot that would illustrate that problem?


I think I am seeing a similar issue. It seems that in earlier versions (right up until 2017.1 actually) you were able to easily switch between latest active branch and master, using the git branches dialog.

Now, if I am on a feature branch, switching back to master and bringing up the Git Branches dialog, the +New Branch is the default selected value. So like Cyrill describes, I must start typing the name of the branch to jump down to the branch. If by any chance I forgot the name of the feature branch, this makes the proces of going back to a bit slower.


Have the same problem.Feel uncomfortable while working with many branches. Before PhpStorm 2023.1 it was ok and was broken after branch dialog refactoring


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