Plugin gradle config: building downloads the same version

Trying to build the ideavim plugin, but I presume this applies to the general plugin gradle build config. The gradle task is always downloading the same version of the intellij sources. 

Attempt to build:

./gradlew test 130 ↵
Starting a new Gradle Daemon for this build (subsequent builds will be faster).


Already cached downloads:

find . -name '*EAP*SNAPSHOT*.zip' 1 ↵
find: ‘./.cache/dconf’: Permission denied

Official comment

You use snapshot version, it's changed every day.
Caching snapshot dependencies can be configured in gradle.

I didn't get it, what's the problem exactly?


The problem is everytime I do ' gradle build', it re-dlownloads the intellij distribution (of 400 MB). Shouldn't it be cached?



I have the same problems on my project. Gradle distribution get downloaded for every project, every time I refresh. All my 40 projects use the same stable gradle wrapper version number, but all 40 projects download its own copy several times.


@Francogpellegrini the thread is about downloading Intellij IDEA distribution, not about Gradle distribution.


Is it possible to specify a build version instead of ?

Where are the build versions listed?


Thank you very much Alexander, 

Any hints: how can the build version be specified in the build.gradle?

I think I found it:

intellij { 
version '182.3911.6' // see
plugins 'coverage' //Bundled plugin dependencies
pluginName 'plugin_name_goes_here'



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