Is there away to only enable a break point, if a specific break point is not hit.

I'm testing to see if a condition in my code is needed. My code writes the buffer to a file, if the buffer is edited earlier in the method, and then appends to the end of the file. I could probably use unit tests to verify this, but that seems to take a little more work than just spamming f5 a few times.


//... edit buffer

if(bufferEdited == true)
// write to file

//.. append to end of file.

If the break point in the condition is hit I want to skip the break point at "append to end of file". Is this currently possible to do? (I don't see an option, for this)  Would this be technically difficult to add as a feature?

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You could make use of conditional breakpoints which would make things less complicated than what you're describing.

Set a breakpoint then right click it to set the condition on which it stop.


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