Comparision with IntelliJ code completion engine?


Hello all,

I'm a Masters student and working on a code-suggestion engine. For reporting my results, I would like to compare my results with IntelliJ's code suggestion engine.

Is there a way I can trigger IntelliJ's code-suggestion from the command line for an input source file?

Any comments would be very useful. Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,



IntelliJ IDEA Community edition has a lot of code completion unit tests, they can be run on the CI server or manually:


Hi Serge,

Thank you for your reply.

I have spent some time to look at the build file of the IntelliJ-community project, and I am able to run the test defined in the build file. But I couldn't find a way to run those unit tests specifically for code completion. 

I have seen that in the build file the "test" is defined as:

<target name="test" depends="init">
<call_gant script="${project.home}/build/scripts/tests_in_community.gant"/>

Then I went to /tests_in_community.gant file and I can see that there is a piece of code for triggering the test:

target("default": "Run tests") {
String home = IdeaProjectLoader.guessHome(this)
String outputDir = "$home/out/tests"
def context = CompilationContextImpl.create(home, home, outputDir, this)
TestingTasks.create(context).runTests([], "community-main", null)

I'm not an expert of unit testing, after spend a few hours I couldn't find a way to run the unit tests just for code completion module. Do I need to change the argument of "community-main" in runTests() to something else in order to run the unite tests for code completion? May I ask what do I need to change? Many thanks.



Do you run this from inside IDE? Then you can select the module java-tests in the project view and run all tests there.



Hi Anna,

Thanks for your reply! I was building the project from command line using ant. I have tried your suggestion, it works! I didn't know IntelliJ can do this so easily, awesome!



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