Cannot find declaration to go in less files



I had the variables inside the LESS file. And wanted the navigate to the file/string of assingment using ctrl+click. I remember that there were no problems with this operation in SCSS files in earlies versions. I had the fine navigation inside the whole project between variables and mixins.

But I cannot navigate inside one file now. Variables are in red (not delared) and I got "cannot find declaration to go" baloon, but this var is just 9 line above.


Hi there,

To start with -- please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE


> To start with -- please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE

Done. No success.


Vars got the standard color during the indexing after restart and bacame red again when reindexing was finished.


Is there anything special about file? is that just a file with .less extension or something else? How the whole file looks like (show whole IDE window -- I want to see file icon etc)?

Can you share such file (downloadable link; no copy-paste text as some details may get lost)?

Please disable ALL 3rd party plugins (not bundled by default) and try again.

Also try it in brand new project -- does it behaves the same?


So far it works just fine here in PhpStorm 2017.1.1 on Windows 10 with this sample file:


Works just fine here -- must be your specific setup/local issue.

Anything interesting in the idea.log (Help | Show Log in...)?


I cannot understand anything from this file. May that will be clear for you more :)


I see nothing there that would give me any hints for such behaviour.

Have you tried these suggestions below?

>Please disable ALL 3rd party plugins (not bundled by default) and try again.

>Also try it in brand new project -- does it behave the same?


Just finished your proposition. No success.


So the same happens in brand new project (that would contain only this single file)? With all custom plugins disabled?

In such case I have no other bright ideas right now -- maybe devs/support team will have some.


You can always reset IDE settings and start from scratch (some settings, like Keymap/Colors/Templates/etc could be backup and re-used) .. but that's a last resort solution.


Yes, I did everything that you asked.

Ok. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for help anyway :)



Looks like the issue is closed. I created the blank project, there is no such problems there. The project that I used is too complecated for Webstorm, I think. This is Magento 2 multistore, 6 themes with knotty parenting of templates, layout and variables that overlaps each other. And all the chaos overlap/inherit default system structure also. Crazy house. So lets consider that it's especially this project problem. And I'm not wondered, it's hard to understand this structure even for experiensed developer without the glass of brandy :)


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