Can't remote debug node - -inspect

I was looking around the web, and I couldn't find anyone talking about how to debug a nodejs app remotely when it was run with - - inspect. I tried creating a remote debug configuration pointing at 9229 for the new debugging protocol, but that doesn't seem to work.
Has anyone tried debugging remotely a nodejs app run with - - inspect? The old debugging protocol (--debug) is being deprecated and I wanted to know if Webstorm is going to support the new protocol..


Node.js Remote run configuration can only be used when debugging with V8 protocol.

To remotely debug application run with `--inspect`, use Chromium Remote:

"C:\Program Files\nodejs7\node.exe" --inspect=5858 --debug-brk C:\WebstormProjects\node_static\app.js


Thanks Elena!

I guess this should be documented somewhere (at least I couldn't find any hint to using the Chromium Remote configuration).


You are right, it has to be documented. Logged as, please follow it for updates


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