Creating a ClassPostProcessingCompiler in Intellij IDEA 2017

I am trying to create a class that will be invoked when the classes have been compiled in the make process. I have found an example, but if I look at the example, it uses the com.intellij.openapi.compiler.ClassPostProcessingCompiler interface. This one clearly states that it is deprecated and will be removed. What is the correct interface then that I should implement to get it triggered before or after the classes have been compiled?


Hi Roy,

You might be insterested in 

org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.instrumentation.ClassProcessingBuilder, or, if you are going to instrument bytecode with the ASM library, the

Please see existing implementations of these builders for a reference (e.g. NotNullInstrumentingBuilder).


Hey Eugene,

Thanks! So if I extend the BaseInstrumentingBuilder then I can do something on compile time? How would I register it? And this would be after the classes have been compiled? To maybe clarify what I am trying to do, I am trying to migrate a maven plugin that is being run at this moment to be done at compile time.




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