I just wanted to input for loop



I just tried to input a for-loop however AppCode bothered my every typing.



When I just typed a dot to input a range of for-in,
AppCode suddenly showed me a popup panel and replace my second dot to 'bigEndian'

I just wanted to input "for i in s...e" 

What should I do to stop this kinds of un-unstandable code completion..?

Please help, I want to code with AppCode. I hate Xcode.



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The issue with "is" completion is a known problem - please vote for OC-14014.

As for the issue with completion in range, it likely happens due to enabled option "Insert selected variant by typing dot, space, etc" (Editor | General | Code Completion) since "bigEndian" is a valid completion candidate on int literal (Xcode suggests it as well). As a temporary workaround, you may want to disable the option. I've created a request in tracker - please vote for it and leave comments as you see fit.

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