Allow mutliple PHP Language Levels / Inspections / formating in one Project


often I have Projects, that need different Language Levels (diffetent Inspections, too) - dependend on the directory that I'm working on.

(easy Exampl: PHP-Unit is PHP7 - the other application is PHP5.x)


i have old Code in some folders, and new code in other folders - 

For now, I have to switch all things (Language Level, Inspection, Code Style) manualy (and I often forgett).

Is it possible to define this things für just one Folder?

So the codeStyle, Inspection and language Level should be defined for the Project (as it now works) AND additional you can define another scope with different Inspections/etc.

Is this now possible (and I'm to stupid to do that) - or isn't it? If it is not, it would be very nice, if it could work like this.





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Hi there,

Language Level/PHP Interpreter & Code Style are per project entities -- they affect whole project.

Inspections can be changed (enabled/disabled/severity) on per scope level -- just create custom scope (in advance .. or right there in Inspections) and then choose how it should work there.

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I wanted to second this request with a slightly different rationale. I’m doing meta-programming in PHP, so my sample data for my PHPUnit test suite is actually PHP code. Different data files, testing features available in different versions of PHP, are intentionally used in different sample files. I was able to segregate these files, by PHP version (aka “PHP Language Level”) into different local scopes, but as you already stated, language level is a per-project and not per-scope setting. Would per-scope language levels be a hard feature to add? (I’m using primarily the PHP plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, rather than PhpStorm, if relevant.)

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Feature requests should be submitted to our bug/feature tracker:, developers aren't monitoring forums. 

We have a similar feature request though: - feel free to add your comment there.


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