Cannot update to Idea 2017.1.1


I receive this message: "Connection Error
Failed to prepare an update:
Temp directory inside installation: /idea2017.1/system/tmp/patch-update"


There is a 20M patch.jar file in above folder


My idea version:

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1
Build #IU-171.3780.107, built on March 22, 2017
Licensed to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You have a perpetual fallback license for this version
Subscription is active until April 7, 2018
JRE: 1.8.0_112-release-736-b13 amd64
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
Linux 4.4.0-72-generic


from idea.log:

2017-04-19 11:33:43,579 [700159499] WARN - eSettings.impl.UpdateInstaller - Temp directory inside installation: /idea2017.1/system/tmp/patch-update Temp directory inside installation: /idea2017.1/system/tmp/patch-update
at com.intellij.openapi.updateSettings.impl.UpdateInstaller.preparePatchCommand(UpdateInstaller.kt:118)
at com.intellij.openapi.updateSettings.impl.UpdateInfoDialog$
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager$
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager$
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager.a(
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager.a(
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager.executeProcessUnderProgress(
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.ProgressManagerImpl.executeProcessUnderProgress(
at com.intellij.openapi.progress.impl.CoreProgressManager.runProcess(
at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.a(
at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl$
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


Seems to be caused by the manually changed location of the system directory via idea.system.path property (

Please do not keep IDE config/system/plugins inside IntelliJ IDEA installation directory, otherwise patch update will not work.

Change the locations per and try to update again.


It worked, thanks.


Here's the strange thing though. I have never seen this error although I updated from the patch file many times before. My system/config folders location have always been the same in the past too. I still have the past /idea2016.x installations like this.




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