make .pycharm_helpers available as a downloadable archive


.pycharm_helpers/ should be made available as a public .tar.gz download for all versions of PyCharm, as well as a dynamic URL for the latest stable version, going forward.  This would simplify baking them into containers.  And yes, I know about the Docker and Docker-Compose remote interpreter options but that won't work for us: we work with windows PyCharm installations running a remote interpreter on a container with sshd deployed on a linux host in the cloud.  It works very well but the .pycharm_helpers we have baked into our images slowly become obsolete and require longer and longer upgrade times.  The only solution we have now is to fire up a container, remove .pycharm_helpers, re-setup the remote interpreter so it will upload the latest helpers for us to bake into our docker images-- it  can be pure agony when you're VPN'd into work: PyCharm blocks all work to update the .pycharm_helpers which can take 40+ minutes.


Others have had problems before, with no response by Jetbrains.  Maybe the forum isn't the right place for this? 



this is related to the known issue: from Pycharm issue tracker, please follow it for updates.  See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

I found that you've also created, thank you.


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